As an important final step between production and the consumer, many manufacturers outsource their product packaging, either partially or completely. Contract packaging comes with many benefits, such as avoiding the in-house purchase, operation, and maintenance of packing equipment. Outsourcing packaging allows manufacturers to reliably fulfill orders with the help of another company’s core competency.

ELIS Packaging Solutions, Inc. is a contract packaging company committed to quality products and timely delivery. As a turnkey sample packager, we offer a wide range of services for our customer base of smaller start-ups and large established companies. ELIS can design efficient, cost-effective contract packaging to meet a myriad of needs.

Contract Packaging Services

ELIS Packaging Solutions offers various packaging options for our clients.

  • Bottle filling services. We offer blow- and injection-molded filling services for both liquids and powders in a range of bottle sizes and shapes. We accommodate small to medium production runs using in-line and high-speed rotary filling processes, with capabilities in capping, labeling, and in-line bottle sorting.
  • Bottle printing services. Bottle screen, or silk screen, printing allows for custom printing directly onto glass or plastic bottles rather than onto paper labels for a sleek, professional product. Our team can offer design assistance for this durable, textured labeling option to meet your custom packaging needs.
  • Design and display options. We work with you to design a complete packaging experience that includes display options as well as graphic and foil design. We also offer both embossed and heat-stamped lot codes.
  • Filling options. ELIS offers a wide variety of filling options for our clients. We can work with powders (both free flow and non-free flow), granules, capsules, soaps, seeds, CBD products, lotions, gels, gel caps, and many other product types.
  • Flexible packaging. Flexible packaging conforms to the shape of its contents. Unlike rigid packaging, this method offers advantages such as lower costs and material needs. Our flexible packaging is available in a plethora of materials, finishes, and designs for both solid and liquid products. 
  • Liquid filling. With applications in consumable products, cleaners, lotions, and more, our automated process can efficiently package liquid products of any viscosity, volume, or composition for safe transportation and storage. With adjustable nozzle heights to accommodate varying container types and a variety of speed settings on our equipment, we can give manufacturers consistent volumes and weights per container due to lower risks of spillage or contamination.
  • Powder packaging. Powdered products are increasing in popularity on a global scale. To meet customer needs, ELIS offers a selection of flexible packaging options for powders including sachets, pouches, packets, stick packs, and more.
  • Sachet filling. For liquids and powders, sachet filling through vertical or horizontal form fill seal machines is a cost-effective method for durable, lightweight packaging of sample-size packs, single-use sachets, liquid bottles, tinctures, resealable stand-up pouches and stick packs. We also have printing capabilities for sachets to aid in customer branding.
  • Sample-size packaging. Packaging in sample sizes is beneficial for consumers wishing to try a new product but not purchase a great quantity. To address this, we provide turnkey cosmetic and personal care sampling solutions with high-quality, attractive packaging options. 
  • Side seal pouch packaging. Typically for single-use applications, we manufacture various styles of 3- and 4-side seal pouches that work well with form fill seal machinery in high-speed production runs. However, we can also add a pre-applied resealable zipper for multiple uses.
  • Single-use sachets/packets for hand sanitizer. Carrying sanitizer has become commonplace, leaving manufacturers searching for travel-friendly packaging options. We specialize in single-use sanitizer sachets that are convenient to carry in a pocket, purse, or glovebox.
  • Standup pouches and bags. Standup pouches and bags are ideal for shelf storage, transport, and display. They are attractive to customers because they replace heavy, bulky tins, cans, and boxes. One of the most versatile packaging forms, they can hold a variety of products, from household chemicals to pet food.
  • Stick packs. These flexible pouches are long and skinny, similar to a stick of gum. Stick packs are ideal for travel products, pharmaceuticals, powdered drinks, or single-serve portions of food products and other goods.

Industry-Specific Contract Packaging Services

We also offer industry-specific packaging for sectors such as:

  • Cosmetics and skincare. With various applications in lotions, gels, shampoos, soaps, and more, we offer a number of options, including sample sizes, for manufacturers of cosmetic and skincare products. We can implement both sealants as well as tie layers within our packaging.
  • Food packaging samples. We offer a variety of specialized packaging services necessary to package consumable products, including the use of plastics and films for flexible packaging. Our packaging can protect against light, odors, and moisture.
  • Nutritional supplement packaging. Nutritional supplement, or nutraceutical, packaging is necessary for healthcare goods. Since these products are for ingestion or skin application, ELIS meets specific requirements to package them safely and efficiently using such methods as flexible packaging in pouches or foil blisters.
  • Pet food packaging. Another growing market is pet food. ELIS has many design, style, and color options available for manufacturers to appeal to customers and maintain nutrients and freshness in the product.

Partner With ELIS Packaging Solutions for Your Contract Packaging Needs

ELIS Packaging Solutions strives to exceed expectations with our commitment to quality, flexibility, and timeliness. We operate with stringent testing and quality control practices to ensure high reliability. Our skilled team has the expertise to assist you from concept and design to manufacturing the final packaging. We provide added support with supply chain logistics, including inventory management and custom bagging or boxing. We can also help manufacturers wishing to offer our services to their clients.

At Elis, we specialize in food and non-food sample packaging services, including sachet filling. We have the equipment and expertise to produce high-quality, cost-effective packaged goods for your brand, attracting customers at every stage of the purchasing process. For more information on how we can serve you, contact us for more information on how we can assist you with your packaging needs.