Why Sample Packs?

Fast & Convenient: Sample packs are great for customers at every level

Whether your customer is your sales team, your distributor, or the end consumer (everyone's customer), single-serve sample packs increase brand awareness and sales. Use sample packs to move product in smaller quantities or generate try-before-you-buy engagement. 

Single-serve Sample Packs are:

  • Convenient for the customer
  • Increases shelf life for the product
  • Proven as an ultra-effective sales tool
  • Perfect for travel

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Sample Pack Uses & Applications

Consumer Markets

Sample packs have been successfully used in just about every kind of marketing and sales campaign you can think of. End consumers love samples. Studies repeatedly demonstrate that samples (free or paid) increase brand awareness, increase customer engagement, generate sales, and develop overall brand identity. These are industries where samples have proved successful:

  • Cosmetics
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Supplements
  • Foods
  • Spices
  • Condiments
  • Pet Care
  • Pet Nutrition
  • Car Care

Business Categories

Support your marketing efforts as well as salespeople and reps with product sample packs they can hand out at events, offer to prospects, use as "leave behinds", or even sell.

It's hard to beat the ROI of samples given to the right prospects, especially for consumables that generate repeat orders. Great B2B uses for sample packs include:

  • Multilevel Marketing
  • Direct Sales
  • Start-up Companies
  • Raw Material Compounders
  • Food Manufacturers
  • Cosmetic Companies
  • Trade Show Events
  • Retail Point of Sale
Why Sample Packs