Side Seal Pouch Packaging

3-Side Seal and 4-Side Seal Pouches

We provide 3-side seal and 4-side seal pouches for a wide range of markets with materials designed specific to your product's needs. Side seal pouches are commonly used for single serve applications ranging from nutritional supplements to instant soups. Including a pre-applied zipper can expand a side seal pouch to support the versatility of a multi-use pouch.

Our side seal pouches are available in a variety of styles to suit your specific product and are ideal for form fill seal (FFS) machines and high-speed runs.

Depending on your specific requirements, the pouch will be sealed on 4 sides, or 3 sides and feature an opening at either the top or bottom of the bag where your product can be filled by hand or machine. Upon request, we can also provide sombrero or 360 degree hang holes and press-to-close zippers.

Side seal pouches are appropriate for various applications in both food and non-food industries. They can be very narrow in shape to package products like toothbrushes, or they can feature a wider opening for food products that require scooping. We can also make your packaging clear so the product can be viewed through the sealed pouch.

We can design your 3-side seal pouch for virtually any resealable multi-use or single use application. Contact us to learn more about how our preformed pouches can improve your product’s display and packaging efficiency.

Benefits of Stick Packs

The primary benefit of stick packaging over other forms of food packaging is the convenience. Stick packs are easy to open and use, provide less mess and spilling, and can be disposed of cleanly. Also, a single stick pack conveniently holds a single serving size so it is compact and fits neatly in your purse or backpack. In short, stick packs offer an economical alternative to bulkier packaging in a simple, appealing design.

Additionally, because the packs are small and are produced on dedicated machines the production rates are high and the per-item costs are low.

Finally, stick packs typically utilize much less material and packaging content than regular portion packets, making them more environmentally friendly and less wasteful.

Can contain many different products

Higher production rates with very low maintenance

More efficiency in package capacity

Easy opening for a more exact dosage

Smaller in size, light and discreet

Stick Pack Product Specifications

Product Applications

The full range of our stick pack contract packaging services are ideal for many products, including:

  • Probiotics
  • Liquid Nutrition
  • Energy Shots
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Vitamin Supplements
  • Skin and Hair Care
  • Mouth Rinses
  • Toothpastes and Gels
  • Skin Protectants
  • Drink Mixes
  • Condiments
  • Sweeteners
  • Oils

Product Options

  • Fill Ranges: 0.5 grams to 30 grams

Stick Pack Sizes

  • Width Options: 1”, 1.5”, 1.75”
  • Length Options: 3” – 6.5”

Logistical Support

Additionally, we can assist with your supply chain and logistics needs, including:

  • Inventory management for storage of materials
  • Custom bagging and boxing per customer specifications
  • We can work directly with manufacturers wishing to offer our services to their clients

The Best Equipment & Quality Control Standards

We use some of the best equipment available because it means we can ensure the levels of quality, timeliness, and flexibility our clients deserve. Our quality control practices and testing options support our high level of reliability and the overall quality of your products.

The best packaging machine for the best packaging experience
Packaging testing and quality control

Your Stick Package Contract Packaging Specialist

From design to delivery, Elis Packet Solutions handles every step in the process of getting your single-serve packaging and samples ready for the market. Elis Packaging has the expertise to manufacture your next stick pack project with amazing shelf appeal.

Our expertise, high-quality production equipment, and flexible processes ease your hassles and speed up your transition to market. And our packaging engineers are available to test your printed material to verify that they are compatible with our equipment.

Contact us to learn how we can customize a finished stick pack for your unique product.